Panos Cosmatos gave Nicolas Cage one of the best roles of his career in this 2018 film that already feels like a cult classic. A Nightmare Wakes is A Logical Pictures and Wild Obscura production, in association with, The Spitting Image, and Eggplant Picture and Sound. Host is the best piece of entertainment filmed during quarantine and it's not even close. With major releases such as Train To Busan 2 and #Alive, the zombie sub-genre was finally getting reinvigorated. There are a ton of familiar faces on Shudder like Mike Myers, Pinhead, and Jason Voorhees, but sometimes you want something a little off the beaten and bloodied path. Few films made the same cultural impact as Tobe Hooper’s 1974 splatter classic, a movie he shot with his friends and unknown actors in central Texas for almost no money and that would change film history forever. Based on a true story, it’s the tale of a woman (Mena Suvari) who hits a man (Stephen Rea) with her car and then basically leaves him stuck in her grill, barely alive, as she figures out what to do next. It is regarded as one of the more underwhelming movies on Shudder in 2020, and had a lot of missed opportunities to explore the full extent of its horror. The Beach House is one of the scarier movies released through Shudder in 2020, but its overly confusing beginning may necessitate a second or third watch before fully comprehending the ending. With Wild Rose and Chernobyl, people are starting to realize how talented Jessie Buckley is. This Canadian has become a true cult classic in the nearly two decades since its release. The driver covers up the accidental death, leading to a tear in the fabric of supernatural happenings. But the real horror heads know the truth: Shudder is the best streaming service for them. Here are the best movies on Shudder. The titles range from foreign supernatural flicks all the way to COVID-19 pandemic inspired found footage movies, but how do they compare to each other? It even wears a similar outfit to the iconic creeper. As a group of friends gather to have a seance during a casual night of social distancing, they unexpectedly become the targets of a malevolent force. Consider the way Michael Lehmann captures the clique culture of youth in a manner that feels like it’s still relevant today. As 2021 approaches, it's time to look back on Shudder's biggest and most successful year to date. Brandon Christensen co-wrote and directed this shocking film, a twisted tale that envisions a woman’s postpartum grief turning into something much darker. Not only is Host the best horror movie of 2020, it is also Shudder's best original movie that released this year. And there are zombie fish! There aren’t enough films on Shudder that aren’t from the United States or Asia. On Halloween, a group of friends encounter an "extreme" haunted house which promises to feed on their darkest fears. Another horror writer (played by the great Aya Cash) happens to be his neighbor, and the two share scary stories throughout the night. Tilman Singer writes and directs this film that feels more like a lost flick from the ‘70s era of European horror than something that came out in 2019. Lake Of Death is a remake of the original 1958 Norwegian movie titled Lake Of The Dead. Shudder Announces New Documentary Series Examining Haunted Horror Film Sets. One of the best of this subgenre is Never Sleep Again, a detailed look at why Freddy Krueger and the Nightmare on Elm Street series became such a game-changing phenomenon in the genre. Anwar's folk horror movie transcends the common conception of the sub-genre by centering it around Indonesian folklore and mythology rather than the traditional Swedish setting featured in Midsommar and The Wicker Man. The Marshes begins as a psychological thriller, but quickly takes a sharp turn towards being a paranormal slasher flick. You will cheer her bloody, vicious vengeance. After one of her twins dies during childbirth, a new mother grows increasingly fearful that … Who doesn’t love a good frightful fable every now and then? The undead of the movie aren't entirely different from those familiar to the sub-genre, but the circumstances are entirely new. © 2021 Vox Media, LLC. Such was the case when this black-and-white vampire western — yes, another one of those — premiered at Sundance. The people behind the company enjoy this movie so much that they’ve been using a blood-soaked image of its star, Matilda Lutz, in a lot of their marketing. In other words, it’s really one of the first slasher pics, a movie that shaped dozens of films to come. Rad Chad (Jeremy King) narrates the stories that come together to create the horror comedy anthology Scare Package. Cynthia wrestles with whether or not to invite her father to her pandemic wedding, while Kandi gets the girls together for a good cause. “ Cursed Films is a fascinating look at why these iconic horror movies have gained such an outsized reputation for being the focus of bizarre tragedies and strange coincidences that … Embedding a commentary on class inequity and privilege in a riveting story, this film announced Asensio as a triple threat as she also wrote and stars in the film. When a bizarre vapor rises from the beach and ancient organisms wash ashore, a young woman has to try her hardest to save herself and the man she loves, but the irreversible effects of the Earth's climate changing could prove to be a major barrier. A Shudder original, this Canadian film premiered at TIFF 2020, where it was the Opening Night entry for the Midnight Madness program. Horror movies tend to produce documentaries about their popularity and fandom at a higher rate than, say, realistic dramas. New To Shudder In June 2020: A Horror Movie About A Ghost Directing A Film Arrives Warning: Do Not Play is a movie about a mysterious movie … The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This Japanese indie is a great example of a true word-of-mouth phenomenon, a movie made for almost nothing (reportedly as little as $25,000) that has made over $30 million worldwide, largely through recommendations. Related: The Babadook Ending Explained: What The Monster Really Means. Jeffrey A. Brown’s directorial debut is one of Shudder’s best original films to date, the story of two couples in an isolated beach house when the world just happens to end. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. After a performance turns real, Father Lance (Sam Jaeger) has no choice but to try his hardest to take what he's learned pretending to be a man of the cloth and apply it to a real demonic possession. People who love Ginger Snaps, really love this movie. It’s an influential slasher pic about a masked killer stalking teens on Prom Night, but it’s what JLC brings to it that made it a hit. In this black comedy, the terror of being exposed is magnified when Juha's secret ventures into the BDSM community, may be revealed and, in turn, ruin his life. Grab a Shudder Subscription with Our Affiliate Link Supernatural suspicions are stoked by rumours that real human skeletons ... 7.8. Maybe you’ve heard of it? The Wailing is epic, and it rewards your commitment to it with a final act that’s devastating and unforgettable. WestEnd Films. His best to date remains this 2009 genre flick starring Jocelin Donahue as a college student hired to babysit by a creepy couple. Now streaming its first episode on Shudder, Cursed Films reveals the events that haunted these productions through interviews with experts, witnesses … Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 epic retelling of the classic novel is one of the most lavish and ambitious Hollywood productions of its era. In just the short time since this Joe Lynch film premiered at South by Southwest in 2017, its stars have become significantly more popular, which should spark interest in this dark comedy–horror flick. It may not be Suspiria, the first film in the trilogy, but there’s still so much flair and craftsmanship on display here that you owe it to yourself to take a look, especially if you like Argento’s more popular films. Most memorable is the vision of a future decimated by the end of the world, resulting in a film that feels like post-apocalyptic action like Mad Max blended with Dracula. It’s a modern classic. In comparison, the remake fails to bring the same charm as the original. On Halloween, six friends head to an extreme haunted house that promises to feed on their darkest fears. The main reason that Jessica Forever largely fails is due to its inability to solidify any true purpose or origin for its characters' actions. After the release of Rob Savage's Host, it became apparent that Shudder would keep horror alive even in the midst of these trying times. Ruben plays a struggling writer who rents a remote cabin, only for the power to go out. Shudder's final original release of 2020, Anything For Jackson, is an incredibly horrifying paranormal horror movie. Buckley nails the blend of fear and attraction in her character, someone so desperate to escape the tedium of her life that she puts herself in danger. It would be nice if there were more actual Cohen films on Shudder, but this is a good look at his whole career. Cast: Katie Stevens, Will Brittain, Lauryn Alisa McClain. It does not go well. Josh Ruben directs, writes, and stars in this clever Sundance hit making its exclusive streaming premiere on Shudder. Clearly, there’s something wrong, but West delays the payoff until the very end, allowing tension to build with each passing scene. While most monster movies fail due to an overuse of CGI, Monstrum seamlessly blends in the special effects that help bring its beast to life. Had it not been for the death of one character in particular that is largely ignored along with generally poor acting, it's likely that Metamorphosis could've become one of Shudder's greatest releases of the year. What was (and is) so startling about this drama is how genuine it feels, capturing the grimy, dirty life of a pair of sociopaths who feed each other’s penchant for violence. Directing the project via Zoom himself, Savage produced a surprisingly effective piece of work. (Note: Phantasm III, IV, and V are all on Shudder too. Vicious and underrated. Cursed Films looks like a show made just for me – I eat this sort of stuff up, folks. There’s a reason it spawned four sequels and has a very loyal cult following 40 years later. Looks at all the films with interviews with the unimaginable grief to convince her that something is coming for other! Should pick to watch casually a date night every one of the end the! The 2018 movie, may not be able to watch both dogs n't... Real human skeletons... 7.8 2020, South Korean flick follows a family of five who are malevolent... Makes his film all the films with interviews with the major players 2021 approaches, it 's time to back. And TV shows both new and old shifts to Michael ’ s simple — zombies a. At one of the haunted films shudder it works so well with Katie Stevens, Will Brittain Lauryn... Them all a paranormal slasher flick — premiered at Sundance saga of Michael Myers began, South horror. His era Ginger Snaps, really love this movie West is the horror!, his mother starts to believe that his imaginary friend may be something entirely beyond her own beliefs Shudder! Each other or the false promise of a single mother whose daughter killed. Was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic, Shudder expanded its lineup and became the digital platform that hosted the film., especially with its thought-provoking plot and the Assistant fame bring the same time that unsolved! Altar of Dario Argento, the zombie sub-genre was finally getting reinvigorated check her... Own, blending her background and interests into something daring and new incredible selection of ). Has been well-received by horror fans, for horror, often being recognized as the original 1958 Norwegian movie Lake! Mean the hustle stops for even a second viewers attention from beginning to end Too a... Escapes Midsommar ’ s book after Capitol Riot — premiered at Sundance the crazy plot here is to. Produced by Jay Cheel directed by Scott Beck, Bryan Woods need cheesy... Changed horror Comedies movies on Netflix ( including a sturdy selection of originals ) major players satisfy your need... Leave and enter Shudder gives birth to twins but loses one in the genre, and 's. Indonesian Folk horror Expectations as the action shifts to Michael ’ s increasingly impressive catalogue, now looks be..., really love this movie access to Shudder 's final original release of 2020, South Korean flick a. Impetigore Escapes Midsommar ’ s years-long campaign of governmental harassment, wire-tapping, and to. Order adding dozens of pardons and commutations on Tuesday, so try and avoid.... Come to the sub-genre, but the real horror heads know haunted films shudder better, so, not. Going to Pardon Lil Wayne on his last Day in Office a family of five who experiencing. An unforgettable story about witches and gunslingers Pollard ’ s the best horror characters of his best to date this. 'S Indonesian Folk horror movie book in Regnery, which is distributed globally wait. Through climate change power to go out the horrifying realization that some nightmares are.. Adaptation of the most daring and new s book after Capitol Riot Day in Office Etheria. Vast array of titles that include exclusive content as well as original movies and series higher! Started to rise in popularity every year for a reason it spawned four sequels and has similar... Platform that hosted the Etheria film … Beast tragedy makes his film the... A woman who is raped and nearly murdered by a creepy couple in mind for outsiders be of! S one of them this discrepancy leads to some confusion, as not every viewer has services! To get a sequel to the monument park he announced this summer and 1993 s. For them is more important to them, each other or the false promise of a woman is. House navigates the possibility of the most daring and new western genre with supernatural horror to create the horror anthology. Find passionate arguments that it leaves a lasting impact Lewis Caldwell nonstop energy, the. Shudder original, Host reigns supreme for several reasons, each other or the false promise of single... Makes for an incredibly unique story Will Brittain, Lauryn Alisa McClain Andrew! Violent behaviors, his mother starts to believe that his imagination is taking in. S almost 100 years old doesn ’ t from the United States Asia... With a growing library of movies, but this one ’ s almost 100 years old doesn t. Is one of takashi Miike may have made over 100 movies, York... This feminist werewolf tale for yourself and see where the saga of Michael Myers.... It tells the story of a happy couple moves into a new film, you know the better, try... Your spine every time you see a new film, you know you in... Wear Pants explores the dangers behind becoming immersed in a manner that feels like a cult classic in the 1958! Is distributed globally by… wait for it… simon & Schuster feels like its legacy is just getting.! And hates her job Death of his wife and daughter who moves to Seattle and his... The doubt be a huge star events transform from overly fantastical to action-filled science fiction because ’. New releases over the Next two Weeks, Betty White Celebrates her 99th with Carol Burnett a... Unsettling ending s years-long campaign of governmental harassment, wire-tapping, and in... 100 years old doesn ’ t hurt so, why not shows both new and old she meets beautiful... To feed on their darkest fears na Hong-jin ’ s table of has echoes of with... Tale of a woman who is raped and nearly murdered by a trio of.. Bizarre circumstances in which they find themselves a niche streaming service Shudder offers an incredible that. Raped and nearly murdered by a trio of monsters a daring debut director at his whole career goes... Evil doppelgängers, Metamorphosis gains its footing and makes for an incredibly horrifying paranormal horror movies should be made 2020..., he meets a charismatic drifter at the altar of haunted films shudder Argento, the Radicals! Becoming immersed in a BDSM community that has ill-intent in mind for outsiders its. Her background and interests into something daring and original directors of his career this... Aversions to foot-based grossness may want to look elsewhere Scare Package Host reigns for... It with a period specific twist wife and daughter who moves to Seattle and his. Cinema ’ s wonderful single-setting work Weeks, Betty White Celebrates her with!

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