And anyone who doesn't fit with their view of the future is expendable. The asset, she explains, is actually the two of them, Hope and Iris working together, and together, they're going to take down the Civic Republic. in Film Studies in 2009. There’s not an opportunity to drag anything out past a few episodes, so big reveals tend to come faster and character arcs tend to bend more quickly than they might on other programs with more hours to fill and more opportunity for long-form stories. This The Walking Dead: World Beyond feature contains spoilers. Hope is so crucial to the Civic Republic because she's a genius. After a menacing stare-down in the woods, Felix and Iris watch as Will drops his hood and steps into the clearing for hugs and tears all around. The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1 finale pulls back more of the curtain on the Civic Republic, revealing why Hope is important to their plans. This is only the beginning, however, because as Dr. Lyla Belshaw says in her practice speech, humanity's time is running out. She primarily writes reviews and features in addition to covering the ongoing development of current movies and television shows. Although the game is full of choices, the ones that truly matter are tied to the life and death of the people you have met along the way. The Simpsons Failed Barney (By Copying His Own Tragic Masterpiece), Herogasm Means The Boys Season 3 Might Finally Go Too Far, Umbrella Academy Theory: The Sparrow Cube Is Secretly Harlan, Jacob Tierney, Lisa Codrington & K Trevor Wilson Interview: Letterkenny S9. What World Beyond's Ending Means For Rick Grimes Movies World Beyond 's season 1 finale reaffirms the Civic Republic as a ruthless organization that will go to any length to ensure they are the ones who save humanity and build the future. In fact, if there's a growing resistance to the Civic Republic, it wouldn't be all too shocking to learn Rick Grimes is involved. Waynesboro's Bed Bath & Beyond will be closing by the end of February, according to an announcement from the corporation. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Witness the transition of Huck, shifting from faithful friend to antagonist in the span of an hour and a half or so of screen-time. Warning! Choose Beyond at the end, and you will get ending six. World Beyond's season 1 finale reaffirms the Civic Republic as a ruthless organization that will go to any length to ensure they are the ones who save humanity and build the future. As it turns out, Huck’s back story may or may not be genuine, but the way she ended up in Omaha prior to joining Campus Colony almost certainly was fake. Michael Keaton's Batman will appear in The Flash, and following it up with a Tim Burton-helmed Batman Beyond could wrap up his Batman arc. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. A clunky, exposition-filled premiere ends with an open road, and a lot of promise ahead. SPOILERS for The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1 finale. When she’s not trying to transform her rambling thoughts into written words, Sarah can be found playing SMITE, catching up on her pull list, or escaping through travel documentaries on Netflix. Hope's identity as being the Civic Republic's much sought-after asset was revealed in the previous episode, but World Beyond's season 1 finale explains exactly what that means. The show largely focuses on a young teen cast experiencing the world outside their community for the first time, and has only been occasionally hinting at the bigger machinations of the mysterious Civic Republic. As such, there’s a lot of stuff that changed during the two-episode finale event to drill down into. More:Bed Bath & Beyond to close 4 Ohio locations by February, including 2 in Akron area. An open letter to President-Elect Biden on Central America policy. In whatever form it ends up taking, the final battle against the CRM is sure to happen in the Rick Grimes movies. Related: World Beyond Ruins Its Story By Repeating The Walking Dead & Fear. There are only about 30 years left in which humanity will be able to stop the slide into extinction, so people with gifts like Hope’s are worth a thousand security guards and are worth any price to retrieve and preserve. Both reveals set the stage for where World Beyond goes in season 2, and may even tease what's to come in the Rick Grimes movies. Beyond that detail, Huck’s backstory, as we learn, is considerably darker than what we have seen, so far. World Beyond hasn't made a secret of Hope being especially clever, and in the previous episode she was able to crack the CRM's code with relative ease. The show doesn’t waste time with her reveals, though it’s lampshaded with a discussion of her cover story being too flimsy for prolonged activity. Along with Hope and Iris' plans to bring down the Civic Republic, their father is also growing suspicious of the CRM's true goals. Already, the Civic Republic has managed to recreate life as it once was pretty successfully. Batman Beyond #50 by writer Dan Jurgens and artists Sean Chen and Sean Parsons arrives on Dec. 22 in a 32-page finale to Jurgens' run chronicling the adventures of Terry McGinnis as the Batman Beyond of the DC future. This would potentially lead characters like Hope, Iris, and all those survivors of the Campus Colony massacre, to meet up with Rick as they take their fight against the Civic Republic from a ragtag rebellion to all out war. Here, you can find out more about every available epilogue, their variants and the requirements for unlocking them. A two-season limited series, World Beyond is something different from The Walking Dead universe. It's a strange scene and one that still raises a lot of questions, leaving it unclear if the CRM mowed down a bunch of innocent people or simply arrived too late to save them from a walker attack. Silas turns himself into the CRM to allow Elton and Percy to escape into the woods. In World Beyond's season 1 finale, "In This Life," the full truth about Huck's role as a CRM double agent is revealed. This is why achieving the cure is so important, because without it, humanity has no chance of returning the world to the way it was before. He says as much to Lyla, but seeing as she is well aware of the plan to bring Hope to them, it's more likely she'll betray Leo before she does the Civic Republic. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. plans to close 200 stores or 21% of Bed Bath stores over the next two years. Of all the people in Campus Colony (a former college where Ph.D.s do everything from interviewing newcomers to growing food) Hope is the asset that Huck has been sent to retrieve. At a very young age, Hope began demonstrating unique gifts, like surprising her father by tearing down and rebuilding a PC when she was only six. Ending Homelessness It took a pandemic but 2020 represented the largest new federal commitment to reducing and preventing homelessness since the crisis began in 1982. When Huck starts to turn, she turns immediately, and no amount of attempting to cover for herself (or Hope’s lame attempts to play along) can change the fact that something hasn’t been right about Huck for awhile. An adaptation of Batman Beyond helmed by Tim Burton could bring Michael Keaton's Batman arc to the end that it never got. FEMA-funding housed thousands, the Center for Disease Control imposed an eviction moratorium, and there was more national concern expressed about tenant displacement than ever before. This is the mission driving the CRM and what leads them to act so ruthlessly. Specifically, they need the asset - Hope. It's been her mission to bring Hope to the Civic Republic, but the addition of Iris, Felix, Elton, and Silas complicated matters. This means wiping out anyone who may not agree with them and experimenting on their own people. Also try our list of Words that start with beyond, and words that contain beyond, and Synonyms of beyond. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina's Salem Plot Hole: What Happened To The Endless? Another 43 will be shuttered by the end of February, Bed Bath & Beyond officials told USA TODAY … And you will live in terror! By the end of February, Bed Bath & Beyond expects to complete about 60 percent of the closures, company spokesperson Dominic Pendry told the outlet. Huck was trying to delay the group’s arrival to Ithaca to work on getting Hope to go along willingly, and two friendly grifters with access to a deuce and a half aren’t part of that plan. I’d hope Elton had already figured that out when he saw the small-caliber bullet wound in Percy, but it’s nice to have confirmation. Hence all the resources Elizabeth is willing to expend to make sure that her daughter’s mission comes off successfully. It's unclear exactly what fate awaits him, but assuming he isn't immediately turned into a walker for their experiments, Hope will be lucky to have another ally nearby. Given Silas’s ability with mechanical things, he’ll be a natural fit to work alongside Hope in whatever steam plant the CRM depends on to keep the lights on and the re-runs on TV. Whatever you might have thought about the CRM before has probably changed after seeing the series premiere of … This means wiping out anyone who may not agree with them and experimenting on their own people. All of this is to say that Hope isn't just smart - she's ridiculously super smart. Beyond starred Burkeley Duffield as Holden, a young man who wakes up from a coma … On this page of our guide to Beyond: Two Souls you will find a list of all available endings in the game. Nothing is more important to the Civic Republic than ensuring humanity has a future - except, perhaps, that they be the ones who gets to shape this future. There, it is shown that Aiden's separation from her has began to erase her memories, and she writes her entire life down on paper, thus beginning the storytelling of the game. His character has been linked with the mysterious group ever since he was whisked away in that helicopter. Although it may seem like you have to replay the game 10 times, this is not actually true. If the organization is willing to kill hundreds of people to get one or two, then there’s no question that they’ve left behind enemies. They are very much a 'by any means necessary' type of group and that is very clearly setting them up to be the final major villain of The Walking Dead universe. See more. DC's Batman Beyond series is coming to an end in December. Now reload The Black Sun a few times to get endings 8,9 and 10. World Beyond's season 1 finale reveals the reason the Civic Republic is so desperate to have Hope, as well as what the Civic Republic is working so hard to attain. Presumably, this means World Beyond season 2 will see Hope and Iris attempting to sabotage the Civic Republic from both inside and out. Was Huck a Marine? The post goes on to say that the entire ending will be replaced. Since confirming what the 'A' and 'B' designations mean, it's been assumed Rick, a 'B', somehow found himself working for the Civic Republic. If Cole survived in the "Black Sun" scene, there will appear additional scene in the ending. Next: What The Walking Dead Ending Means For Rick Grimes' Movies. The CRM is also well aware of those still out there, like Iris, Felix, Elton, and Percy, and considers them liabilities because of what they know. Sarah is also the Editor-in-Chief of, a website devoted to reviewing, ranting, and raving about comic books and all they inspire. Of course, while Hope is smart, it takes two Bennett sisters to really pull off the sort of magic Leo proudly talks about, not that Leo knows that. Ron Hogan is a freelance writer from Louisville, Kentucky who got an English degree from a college no one has ever heard of. The New Jersey-based home good retailer has announced that the 29,696-square-foot Stow location on state Route 59 (Kent Road) would be one of 40 stores to close nationwide by the end of February. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Related: Walking Dead's Civic Republic Reveal Should've Been In The Main Show. Hope has been taken by the Civic Republic, while Iris and Felix try to survive on the outside. The season 1 premiere ends by showing what appears to be the aftermath of a massacre at Campus Colony while CRM soldiers stand around. Now, it hasn't exactly turned out like that on World Beyond, but Hope has been delivered to the Civic Republic and is on her way to assist her father with his research. A list of words that end with Beyond. While his father is away gathering provisions for their ship, young, sea-faring hare Johan the rabbit receives a call about his long lost mother, so he decides to go on an adventure. So smart, in fact, the Civic Republic orchestrated the entire scenario in which Hope leaves Campus Colony in search of her father, experiences but survives the horrors of the post-apocalyptic world, and arrives at the research facility determined to do whatever is asked of her to help the Civic Republic save the world. 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Possibly! Related: World Beyond Proves Rick Was Right About Nebraska In The Walking Dead Season 2. You don’t introduce an outside agitator group and not use them. Hope isn't all alone, though, because Silas also manages to get himself caught by the CRM. The Walking Dead chief creative officer Scott M. Gimple talks about the new spinoff World Beyond, future spinoffs, the movies, and ending the main series. Lots of enemies, and given that the enemies are so close to the CRM’s current base of operations, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if the very same woods Percy and Elton escaped into are the very same woods where Felix and Iris ran into Will and his mystery partners. The beyond) is a 1981 Italian Southern Gothic supernatural horror film directed by Lucio Fulci, and starring Catriona MacColl and David Warbeck.Its plot follows a woman who inherits a hotel in rural Louisiana that was once the site of a horrific murder, and which may be a gateway to hell. Her most recent assignments for Screen Rant include (but are not limited to): The Flash, Star Wars Rebels, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. Directed by Esben Toft Jacobsen. After dropping out…, The Walking Dead Season 10: What to Expect from the Extra Episodes, Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 Review: Damage From the Inside, The Walking Dead: World Beyond Civic Republic and Three Rings Explained, The Walking Dead: World Beyond Stars Talk Growing Up With Zombies, Introducing A Brand New FREE Quarterly Magazine From Den of Geek, How EVE Online Is Changing Players' Lives for the Better, The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season Finale Ending Explained. Hope, the mad genius, willingly climbs onto a helicopter headed towards parts unknown, where she might end up being joined by none other than…. Now you will have all the endings with everyone dead. The New Jersey-based home good retailer has announced that the 29,696-square-foot Stow location would be one of 40 stores to close nationwide by the end of February. This was foreshadowed at the end … However, the first time he’s seen on screen is in 1.09’s post-credits sequence, fleeing for his life from a CRM hit squad. Directed by Joseph Baker, Tom Large. More:Bed Bath & Beyond to close 4 Ohio locations by February, including 2 in Akron area. The Beyond (Italian: ...E tu vivrai nel terrore!L'aldilà, lit. Beyond definition, on, at, or to the farther side of: Beyond those trees you'll find his house. More Bed Bath & Beyond stores are set to close. Sarah is a graduate of THE Ohio State University where she earned her B.A. Follows the turbulent relationship of Cole and Maya as they struggle to survive in a world where the human population has been decimated by an extra-terrestrial attack. Biden Must Go Beyond Simply Ending Trump's Barbaric Border Policies—We Need Deeper Change. However, an intriguing end credits … Will has been mentioned a lot throughout World Beyond, in the context of being one of Campus Colony’s security force, serving as Dr. Leo Bennett’s security guard on his mission to the CRM, and as being Felix’s boyfriend. There isn’t a real end to season one to be found in World Beyond‘s final episodes, but instead, they’re focused on kicking off season two with the potential for immediate action. Here is what happens in the conclusion of The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1’s final episode. Below is a list of 10 possible combinations to see all 24 scenes. She also makes a mean batch of home-brew booze, but that’s less necessary than someone with technical skills. A Bed Bath & Beyond spokesman said the big-box retailer is phasing the MyPillow brand out as it launches more of its own in-house lines, beginning this spring. If humans continue to carry whatever disease makes them turn into walkers upon death, civilization will always be at risk. Elizabeth makes this point herself when reprimanding a soldier and pointing out all the conveniences they enjoy. That’s just a cover. While preparing for dinner with Leo, Dr. Lyla Bellshaw—you might recognize her as the mysterious scientist doing experiments in the post-credits sequence of Episode 4—explains that Elton’s Endlings theory is correct. With Gustaf Hammarsten, Lennart Jähkel, Sissela Kyle, Leif Andrée. Was that whole flashback episode involving Huck’s origin story just created out of whole cloth by Huck to obfuscate her background? There are also several walkers being put down, some of which are painted blue. The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1 finale pulls back more of the curtain on the Civic Republic, revealing why Hope is so important to their plans. Tim Burton's Batman Beyond Could Properly End Michael Keaton's DC Story. Posted … There isn’t a real end to season one to be found in World Beyond‘s final episodes, but instead, they’re focused on kicking off season two with the potential for immediate action. It’s a nice moment, to be sure, but it’s made all the more reassuring because Will isn’t alone. Already, they've brought Hope and Iris' father, Dr. Leo Bennet, a renowned immunologist, to come and work at their New York research facility, but now they need more help. Will and his friends are clearly the core of an armed resistance to the CRM. The slated closures will take place in … There are 24 ending scenes for Beyond: Two Souls. This reminds us of the recent Tokyo Babylon 2021 story, in which the entire series was delayed due to a plagiarism issue. Sarah Moran has been a Screen Rant contributor since 2014. Here's the list of the first 63 stores to shutter. The asset is all that matters; everyone else is expendable, and Silas is a convenient way to sow dissent in the ranks of the group (picking up Felix’s plan for getting them to turn back, but making it infinitely more effective).

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